Repairman Works On Air Conditioning UnitLiving in Florida means that most homeowners rely on their air conditioning systems for much of the year in order to stay comfortable. As a result, the air conditioners in our home see a lot of wear and tear, which can cause problems and may lead to the need for repairs. Fortunately, choosing AC maintenance for your home can help keep your system operating in tip-top shape.

Air conditioning maintenance is a service that cooling contractors provide in order to help keep your system working properly. Your system will receive a tune-up, cleaning, and inspection. These measures help assure that your system is operating effectively and efficiently, can help prolong the life of your system, and can help you avoid the costly repairs that often come with poorly maintained units.

What are some benefits of air conditioning maintenance?

There are some real benefits to choosing air conditioning maintenance for your home, including:

  • Better efficiency: Maintenance helps keep your system’s components clean and free of dirt and gunk. This helps your system work more smoothly, and that can help save energy.
  • More effective cooling: A well-maintained system is able to keep your home cooler because all the moving parts are working as they should.
  • Improved indoor air quality: A maintained AC system is cleaner, which helps the air flowing through it to be cleaner, too. During maintenance, any mold or mildew is removed from the system, and filters are cleaned or changed.
  • Longer system life: Systems that have been well-maintained tend to last longer. This is because maintenance helps keep your system free of dirt and debris, and any small problems can usually be taken care of right away – before they become larger, more expensive issues.
  • Warranty maintenance: Most manufacturers require regular maintenance in order to keep system warranties in place, which can save you money should your system need repairs.

Our AC maintenance services include a complete diagnostic checkup.

At Expert Home Service, we’re pleased to help our customers get the air conditioner maintenance they need. Our highly-skilled technicians will provide you with comprehensive maintenance that includes:

  • Checking system for proper refrigerant charge
  • Checking and cleaning condenser coil
  • Checking and cleaning the condenser fan
  • Checking compressor and fan amperages
  • Checking blower motor operation and amperages
  • Checking capacitors
  • Checking contactor points
  • Checking safety controls
  • Checking heat strip amperages
  • Checking evaporator coil for build-up
  • Checking all electrical connections

For comprehensive air conditioning maintenance, count on Expert Home Service.

As a veteran-owned company, you can count on Expert Home Service to have your back. We are a team that knows how to solve problems, that show up when we say we will, and are ready to go the extra mile in our commitment to each other and to you, our customer. We provide you with quality maintenance service for your air conditioning equipment, done by our experienced technicians in a friendly, professional manner. Simply call us at (813) 632-8889, and we will be happy to help you.