Air Conditioning Technician performing air conditioning maintenanceThe weather in Florida is hot and humid for a good part of the year. Most homeowners enjoy the reprieve of an air-conditioned home, especially when the weather is at its most sweltering. For some people, especially infants, the elderly, or those with medical conditions, having an air conditioning system that’s in good working order is imperative because of the way extreme heat and humidity can affect their bodies.

Even for people without concerns, having an air conditioning system that’s working properly is important for optimal home comfort. People who have air-conditioned homes tend to be more productive, sleep better, and feel better, even during an uncomfortably warm heat wave. Making sure your air conditioning system is operating effectively and efficiently is important, and the best way you can do that is by getting annual maintenance on it each year.

Why should I get air conditioning maintenance?

Many people wonder if there is really any good reason to get air conditioning maintenance. They may have friends or family members who didn’t have a good experience tell them it’s just an extra expense. Or they may just think it’s a lot of hype. However, there are actually several benefits to getting AC maintenance that the average consumer might not know about. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the main benefits of AC maintenance for my system?

  • Better Efficiency. One of the best reasons for getting air conditioning maintenance is that it helps to keep your system operating efficiently. Systems that aren’t properly maintained often have dirty filters – one of the leading causes of AC inefficiency.
  • More Effective Cooling. A well-maintained air conditioning system usually cools your home much more effectively. That is because it’s often cleaner, and all parts are in good working order – allowing it to deliver cooled air throughout your home with greater ease.
  • System Durability. When a system is properly maintained, it tends to last longer. That’s because not only does it get the tune-up it needs every year, but your technician will also find any small problems before they become larger and harder to fix. And, they’ll have a yearly record of your system, so they’ll be able to quickly troubleshoot any future concerns as well.
  • Warranty Maintenance. Most manufacturers know that their air conditioning systems will work better and last longer with proper maintenance, so they make it a stipulation of the warranty. As a result, failure to get regular maintenance on your AC equipment could void the warranty.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality. When an air conditioning system is clean and working properly, you will have better indoor air in your home. There will be less dust and other particles floating in the air, and your system should keep the humidity down in your home as well.

How can Expert Home Service help me?

As a full-service cooling contractor, Expert Home Service is ready to help meet your air conditioning needs. Our air conditioner maintenance service is comprehensive. Your system will be thoroughly tuned-up, cleaned, and inspected so that you can confidently rely on it to keep you comfortable. When you’re ready to schedule AC maintenance for your system, just give us a call at (352) 429-0705 (Clermont customers) or (813) 632-8889 (Wesley Chapel customers) and we will be more than happy to assist you.