How long are AC systems supposed to last?  Depending on the manufacturer, they might tell you anywhere from 10 – 20 years.  We agree, that’s not very helpful information.  How do you know when it’s time to replace your system?  There’s a short list and simple list of 3 factors to consider:
  1. System age
  2. Your energy bill
  3. Costly repairs

System age:  Most manufacturers warranty major system components for 10 years.  Consider whether or not repair parts will be covered by your warranty when they need to be replaced.

Your energy bill:  Has your electric bill gone up significantly recently, even though the utility company hasn’t increased their rates all that much?  It could be a sign your AC isn’t running with the same efficiency it had when it was new.  This happens as system components age over time.  It’s simple wear and tear from the thousands of times your system has started and stopped over the years you’ve relied on it.

Costly repairs:  When facing the decision of an expensive repair to keep your system running, ask your trusted professional for a quote on a new replacement system.  You’re asking NOT so that you can buy a new system today – but because you want to make the smartest decision you can.  If the cost of repair is near or more than half of the cost of a new system – consider the benefits of a new and likely more efficient system that will be covered by warranty for years down the road.  If you repair an old system in June, and another component fails in the middle of sweltering August leading you to fully replace it – you’ll wish you hadn’t made that costly repair earlier on a system being scrapped.

Ultimately the choice is personal to each homeowner.  We know there’s a lot of things that factor into a decision like replacing expensive machinery in your home.  It’s our responsibility to provide you the best and most complete information possible for each of your options – in order for you to make the decision that’s right for YOU.  That might mean repairing the system you have – and it might mean replacing it.